2014 World Spirometry Day Celebration

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September 1, 2014 – The Spirometry Workshop will be at Bayanihan Hall, Mandaluyong Metro Manila from 9 to 4 pm . Target participants: pulmonary fellows in training. The objective is for them to learn Spirometry interpretation according to the standards the Council on Diagnostics of Philippine College of Chest Physicians (PCCP) has set since 2012 and how to make and recognize a good quality Spirometry test.

This year we have a partnership with Council on COPD in disseminating the manual on the standardization of performing and interpreting Spirometry testing all over the Philippines and hold Spirometry screening also to be able to know the prevalence of COPD in our country. This will be a five year project which we will hold nationwide.

July 9, 2014 – Spirometry Workshop among respiratory therapist and the trainors. Venue : Bayanihan Hall , Mandaluyong, Philippines. This aims to teach the respiratory therapists on how to do a quality spirometry tests to ensure quality tests during our nationwide Spirometry screening.

PCCP Advocacy. Target population: Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) street sweepers and traffic aides. The objective is to promote healthy lungs among our high risk population. We plan to do spirometry screening to these group of population yearly for 5 years targeting 500 patients yearly and correlating it with air pollution of the locality. Target date for project launch is September 17, 2014.