2016 Diplomates of the PCCP

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The following Associate Members have successfully completed the written and oral parts of the examination for Diplomate of the Philippine College of Chest Physicians (PCCP) conducted by the PCCP Specialty Board on January 17 and 31, 2016:

1. ALEA, Cristito B.
2. AMBROCIO,Gene Philip Louie C.
3. ARCALAS, Leonides C.
4. ARMAS-ROSALES, Caroline M.
5. ASPIRAS, Guilvic Tirso S.
6. AUSTRIA, Abraham Auberon B.
7. BAUTISTA, Rainville B.
8. CABRERA, Ethel M.
9. CATALAN, Jessica P.
10. COMISO, Carmencita D.I.
11. CUDIAMAT, Arlet Michelle S.
12. CUYACOT, Dehuel B.
13. DELOS REYES, Mary Andy A.
14. DIAZ, Rei Paolo L.
15. DIONZON-SERRA, Cherry Ann E.
16. ESTABILLO, Odeson M.
17. ESTOESTA, Homer Paul A.
18. EVANGELISTA, Paul Rilhelm M.
19. FLORES, James Albert A.
20. JAVIER, Apolonio Jr. G.
21. LU, Adrian Christopher A.
22. MAGNAYE-MALICSE, Marie Frances Therese B.
23. MAGUSLOG, Svethlana L.
24. MAMPAO, Hygeia T.
25. MANGASER, Michelle T.
26. MANZANO, Elenmarie A.
27. OCAMPO, Lisette Dorothy M.
28. OMENA, Russel S.
29. ONG-ABDUL, Debbie C.
30. PALAC-IBOJOS, Eleanor D.
31. PASANTING-LIM, Rossini Abbie B.
32. QUING, Arabella P.
33. RAMIREZ, Esperanza Marie I.
34. RODRIGUEZ, Rashmine A.
35. ROQUE, Israelei Francisca A.
36. SIAPNO, Rosario Pinkie V.
37. SISON-SAN LUIS, Jennifer G.
38. SUGAY, Isser N.
39. TAN, Beatriz C.
40. TAN, Myra S.
41. TRIMAÑEZ, Teodora J.
42. TUBLE, Genevieve C.
43. UY, Cheryl T.
44. ZAGALA, Aileen, F.

As such, they will be conferred the title of “Diplomate” of the College (certifying specialty in the field of pulmonary medicine) in the induction ceremony to be held during our 35th Annual Chest Convention on March 8, 2016 at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, CCP Complex, Pasay City.