Council Leadership, 2013-2016


Chair: Ma. Bella R. Siasoco, MD, FPCCP


COPD and Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Chair: Tim S. Trinidad, MD, FPCCP


Critical Care, Pulmonary Vascular Disease and Sleep Disorders
Chair: Teresita S. de Guia, MD, FPCCP


Diagnostics and Therapeutics
Chair: Ma. Janeth T. Samson, MD, FPCCP


Interstitial Lung Disease and Occupational Lung Disease
Chair: Joven Jeremius Q. Tanchuco, MD, FPCCP


Lung Cancer
Chair: Windfield L. Tan, MD, FPCCP


Pulmonary Infections
Chair: Rizal Alberto B. Nolido, Jr. , MD, FPCCP


Tobacco or Health and Air Pollution
Chair: Imelda Muriel-Mateo, MD, FPCCP


Chair: Jose Hesron D. Morfe, MD, FPCCP


Healing and Integrative Medicine (ad hoc)
Chair: Parkash T. Mansukhani, MD, FPCCP


Sleep Medicine (ad hoc)
Chair: Virginia S. delos Reyes, MD, FPCCP


The Council shall serve the following purposes:

  1. To serve as centers for collecting data on various diseases of the lungs and its circulation, seen locally, for the purposes of characterizing diseases, defining problems and finding solutions.
  2. To develop criteria for diagnosis and treatment of specific diseases of the lungs and its circulation.
  3. To coordinate researches of diseases of the lungs and circulation in different research centers in the country in cooperation with the Scientific and Research Committee of the organization.
  4. To undertake the publication of professional and lay information about the lungs in coordination with the Committee on Publications.
  5. To provide a pool of resource specialists for the purpose of lecturers, seminar and post-graduate education.
  6. To undertake the establishment of a material registry for the diseases of the lungs.