Chair: Parkash T. Mansukhani, MD, FPCCP


A Primer on the Council of Healing and Integrative Medicine (CHIMe)


On Healing

As we are aware, the definition of health from WHO includes not only the absence of disease but a state of physicl, mental, social and spiritual well-being.

Some approaches which were considered alternative in the past but are now considered part of western medicine include: Holistic approach to Patient Care, Patient Education, Lifestyle Modification, Wellness Medicine, Palliative Care, Stress Management, Issues on Death and Dying, Patient-Centered Medicine and Mindful Medical Practice.

It would be fascinating if all the councils look into the possibility of not only being disease oriented but health oriented as well. Smoking cessation, vaccination, palliation and stress management would be part of the holistic approach. There is a semblance of this in recent international guidelines as well such as not only treating symptoms but in preventing future risk/exacerbations in asthma and COPD.



On Integrative Medicine

Here has been some confusion the term Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Complementary denotes a combination of a Western and Non-Western approach. Alternative implies a either Western or Non-Western approach.

Integrative Medicine on the other hand, combines western medical therapies with CAM therapies for which there is some high quality scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness.

It is for the above reasons that we are requesting that the name of Council on CAM be changed to the Council of Healing and Integrative Medicine (CHIMe)



Main Concerns and Thrusts of the Council

1. The proliferation of CAM therapies in the market and their questionable value.
2. What is the evidence behind the use of these modalities; how does one choose?
3. The perceived erosion of values in medical education and in the medical profession

The Aims of our First CAM Summit were to:
1. Educate Filipinos on the role of CAM in modern day medicine
2. Educate Filipinos Consumers on the value of Evidence Based Medicine
3. Strengthen Values in Medical Education


Dear Doctor,

In connection with CHIMe (formerly CAM) Council’s activities, may we entreat you to fill out the KAP (Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices) Survey Form and send to us via email once you have accomplished it.

We hope to be able to gather enough data for processing to provide you with additional information regarding this concern.

Thank you.


Parkash T. Mansukhani, MD, FPCCP
Chairman, CHIMe
Philippine College of Chest Physicians

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