PCCP is value-centered specialty organization acknowledged as the authority in pulmonary medicine in the country.  It empowers its members, who are recognized and respected experts in the field, to constantly adapt and innovate to set the benchmark of excellence in the practice of pulmonary medicine in the Philippines.


The PCCP is an organization of chest physicians committed to:
The generation, assimilation, exchange and dissemination of knowledge in pulmonary medicine
The establishment and maintenance of the standard of excellence in the training and practice of pulmonary medicine in the Philippines
The enhancement of the members’ feeling of identification and pride with the organization by constantly strengthening the organization, engaging its members in all its major activities and promoting personal growth, camaraderie and unity among members


Social Consciousness -  active and genuine interest in the welfare of the society as a whole and real  concern in providing services especially to the economically  underprivileged patients
Professionalism/Integrity – conforming to the technical or ethical standards of the profession; exhibiting a courteous, conscientious and businesslike manner in dealing with patients and colleagues ; firm adherence to a code of  moral  values; incorruptibility
Excellence – superiority in quality, merit or skill; preeminence in achievement beyond a limit set by authority
Commitment –  a whole-hearted adherence to deliver what has been promised
Creativity/Innovativenes – the ability or power to create rather than imitate; to do something in a new way; to effect a change


The objectives of the organization shall be:

  1. To promote the study of the lungs and the processes of breathing, the causes and diagnosis of various alterations that could lead to diseases and disturbance of function as well as their prevention and treatment.

  3. To promote continuing acquisition of knowledge and information on recent advances in respirology and their dissemination to the members of the organization and to all other physicians, technologists, nurses and other persons interested in this field and their application to the ultimate benefit of patients with pulmonary disease.

  5. To maintain an organization of qualified Filipino specialists in respirology and continuously ensure and elevate the standard of competence of these practicing pulmonologists.

  7. To encourage and stimulate exchange of ideas and experiences among members and peers outside of the country.

  9. To promote public and government awareness of the prevention and control of lung diseases for effective national health programs.

  11. To promote social awareness and responsibility that shall include but not limited to community service, assistance and medical services extended to deserving areas or individual/s struck by calamities or disasters as determined by the Executive Board.