One Breath One Heart

(Music and Lyrics by Dr. Mon del Rosario)
(Interpreted by Dr. Ivan Villespin & The UST Singers)


You and I share one Mission .
As we take this noble quest .
Searching for wrong .
Armed with the right .
This is our oath and commitment .!

Drawing strength from each other
We are proud of who we are .!
Side by side against all odds .
For we are brothers .!

Step by step we will conquer
Humble yet strong . prudent but brave .!
Aiming higher and higher .
Eyes looking up but feet on the ground .

You and I share one Vision .
One true faith, one golden dream:
“To be the best among the rest!”
Together we can .!

If we believe . we can achieve .!
Together we can become .
One Breath . One Heart .!