The Pulmonary Training Program Accreditation Board accredits and certifies hospitals or institutions for adult pulmonary medicine training. It shall formulate and execute policies, rules and regulations governing certification, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors of the Philippine College of Chest Physicians.

Accreditation Board 2017-18

Chairman: Virginia S. de los Reyes, MD, FPCCP
Secretary: Celeste Mae L. Campomanes, MD, FPCCP
Charles Y. Yu, MD, FPCCP
Aileen V. Guzman-Banzon, MD, FPCCP
John Clifford E. Aranas, MD, FPCCP
Rodrigo G. Cesario, MD, FPCCP


PCCP Accredited Hospitals with Pulmonary Fellowship Training Program
1. Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center

2. Chong Hua Hospital – Cebu City

3. Lung Center of the Philippines

4. Makati Medical Center

5. Manila Doctors Hospital

6. Perpetual Succour Hospital – Cebu City

7. Philippine Heart Center

8. St. Luke’s Medical Center

9. The Medical City

10. UP – Philippine General Hospital

11. University of Perpetual Help DALTA Medical Center

12. University of Santo Tomas Hospital

13. Veterans Memorial Medical Center

14. Cardinal Santos Medical Center


Guidelines for Application for Post-Graduate Fellowship Training in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

October 2010
  1. Institutions that wish to open a Fellowship Training Program in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine have to send their letter of intent to the PCCP.
  2. These institutions will be given the STANDARDS AND REQUIREMENTS FOR ACCREDITATION OF PULMONARY MEDICINE AND PULMONARY CRITICAL CARE FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM (v. Oct2010). Please refer to this manual for the basic requirements.
  3. In addition, the institution will be required to submit the following
    1. To assess if trainees will have adequate guidance from PCCP trainors:
      1. List of staff who will be active in the training of the fellows—please refer to training guidelines as to requirements (sec 2.7.1. to 2.7.3.)
        1. Department / Section head
        2. Training officer
        3. At least 3 additional staff members
      2. Proposed schedule of the conferences (refer to section 4.2.) and who will be designated as the staff in charge (if other than the training officer)
    2. To assess if required patient exposure will be adequate- past 2 year census of the following:
      1. Pulmonary in-patients in relation to total number of hospital in-patients
      2. Pulmonary Critical Care patients in relation to total number of ICU patients
      3. Pulmonary patients seen at the Out patient department in relation to total or estimated number of outpatients.
    3. To assess if trainees will be able to acquire the skill in doing various procedures- past 2 year census of the following:
      1. patients who had Bronchoscopies in relation to total number of suspected and confirmed pulmonary mass(es)
      2. patients who had Thoracentesis in relation to total cases with pleural fluid
      3. patients who had Pleural biopsies in relation to total cases with pleural fluid
      4. patients who had Chemical Pleurodesis in relation to total cases with pleural fluid
  4. As research is also one of the thrusts of the College, the institution will have to ensure that there will be access to Research facilities/ assistants.
  5. Once all the requirements have been submitted, the application will be deliberated on by the PCCP Accreditation Board
  6. If the application is approved, a One Year Accreditation will be granted by the institution (refer to section and section 13)