CDO Incident: Updated status report as of 7:00 am on July 29, 2013

  • The two injured bombing victims who remained in serious condition at the Polymedic Plaza Hospital have passed away bringing the total number of fatalities to eight.
  • The local government promised to shoulder the medical expenses incurred in the care of the victims. The PCCP officers and board of directors, as well as the PCCP Northern Mindanao Chapter have provided additional financial support to the families of the fatalities.
  • A debriefing for all of those affected by this incident, including all physicians and our pharmaceutical industry partners, will he held at 2 to 4 pm today, July 29, 2013 at the Audiovisual Room of the Lung Center of the Philippines.
  • Updates will be provided as they develop.

CDO Incident: Updated status report as of 12:00 pm on July 27, 2013

  • On July 26, 2013 at around 11:10 p.m. an explosion occurred at Kyla’s Bistro and Candy’s Café at Rosario Arcade, LimKetKai, Cagayan de Oro City. There were three fatalities on site from the pharmaceutical industry. A civilian and a provincial board member were pronounced dead at the Northern Mindanao Medical Center and CDO Medical Center respectively. Another fatality, a physician working with the pharmaceutical industry, eventually succumbed to injuries at the Capitol University Medical Center (CUMC). According to the authorities, initial reports appear to point to an explosive device that was left in the vicinity.
  • Immediately thereafter, the members of the PCCP board and the PCCP Northern Mindanao Chapter went to the three nearby hospitals where the injured were brought. These were Polymedic Velez Hospital, Polymedic Plaza Hospital and CUMC. This was to ensure the safety and account for all the members attending our 16th Midyear Chest Convention and to see what help could be offered to the injured. Other physicians from the PCCP, delegates of the convention and the local community and the pharmaceutical industry immediately extended various forms of assistance from triaging, management and patient transport.
  • A crisis management committee was convened to continuously monitor the situation and extend all necessary support to the injured.
  • It was decided to cancel the remainder of our convention while the investigation is still ongoing.
  • An early general meeting was called to disseminate a statement summarizing the events and the decisions and correct any misinformation.
  • As of noon of July 27, 2013 two patients remain in critical condition. Four patients with less serious injuries remain hospitalized in stable condition.
  • Updates will be provided as they develop.
Value of Volunteerism

Value of Volunteerism

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As part of our strategy to be able to reach a significant rise in ACTIVE members by 20% per year, may we invite our members to become more ACTIVE, PARTICIPATIVE and COMMITTED to the society.   Meetings and activities may not necessarily require you to be physically present, we can utilize internet communications like email, forum or video-conference.   Kindly fill up the survey below.  It will only take a few minutes of your time.

Thank you for helping us achieve our desired vision for 100% FULL and SUSTAINED INVOLVEMENT of our general membership.

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PCCP Institutional Legacy Leadership Administrative and Research Scholarship


2 scholars per year aimed at providing administrative and masteral to its members and would be officers of the College.


  • Filipino less than 50 years of age
  • PCCP member of good standing for the last 5 years
  • Member of at least 1 PCCP council or committee for the past 3 years
  • Nominated by the training institution head or PCCP chapter president
  • Willing to serve in the PCCP executive committee or any PCCP leadership position for at least 2 years for every year of scholarship support.

Scholars may choose to enroll to University of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas and Ateneo de Manila University who offer masteral programs on health or health research such as MHA, Mclin Epi, MPH or MHBA.

Scholars will enjoy a 50% financial support from their tuition fee and P 10,000.00 for the thesis preparation for a minimum period of 3 years provided he/she maintain a grade of 2.0 or its equivalent.


Membership to Asian Pacific Society of Respirology

(Open to PCCP Fellows)

PCCP – APSR Member shall have an electronic access to the Journal, RESPIROLOGY.
Active, distinguished and honorary members of the PCCP may participate in the business and scientific sessions of the APSR and may vote.
Associate members of the PCCP may participate in the business and scientific sessions, but they may not vote and are not eligible for election to office.
Accorded all other rights and privileges as detailed in the Charter and Bylaws, except they are not eligible for discounted registration fees for the Annual Congress.
The PCCP, as a Member Society of the APSR, is entitled to have a (one) member of the Council of the APSR representing the Executive of the PCCP in addition to the number of Council members determined by the number of Philippine members of the APSR according to Article 5.4 of the Charter and Bylaws.
Membership fee is pegged at $25 US dollars per PCCP member per annum paid by the PCCP as a lump sum.
For membership application, please contact the PCCP Secretariat (


Apply Now as APSR Fellow!

We are pleased to announce you the launching of a new membership category of the Fellow of APSR (FAPSR) . The Fellow of APSR is for those who are valid members of the APSR, with more than 5 years of experience in healthcare or research in respiratory medicine or related disciplines.

We would like to invite you, as an APSR member, to apply for this new membership category, using the attached Nomination form which is also available on the website soon.

On receiving your application, the APSR Secretariat office will send your application to the relevant referee for endorsement. We will then inform you if the approval is obtained. To become an APSR Fellow, you have to pay the one-off application fee of USD 100, and you will continue to be a Fellow as long as you are a valid fee-paying member of APSR either through your en bloc society or as an individual member.

Fellows will be entitled to use the “FAPSR” post-nominal

Seize the opportunity , and support the APSR !

Sincerely yours,

Paul Reynolds
Chair of Membership Committee

Mary Sau-Man Ip
APSR President

Details and an application form are available at