Dr. Alberto Lardizabal

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It is with great sadness that the PCCP announces the passing of Dr. Alberto A. Lardizabal. A leading light in the field of pulmonary medicine in the country, Dr. Lardizabal was instrumental in setting up the training programs at the UST Hospital and St. Luke’s Medical Center. He involved himself in the professional activities of the society, eventually becoming the president of the PCCP. Despite limitations in his vision, he was able to provide quality respiratory care to numerous patients and serve as a role model and father figure to numerous pulmonologists in the country.

His legacy includes his children, Alfred and Mae, who have both chosen to become pulmonologists. Alfred resides in the USA and Mae is the incumbent president of the PCCP.

His remains will lie in state at the Mount Carmel Shrine Parish Church, Doña Juana Rodriguez Sr. Avenue Broadway, New Manila Quezon City. Necrological services for the PCCP, Center for Respiratory Medicine and Institute of Pulmonary Medicine will be on September 14, 2013 (Saturday evening). Inurnment will be on Sunday, September 15, 2013, beginning with the Holy Mass at 1 pm. Cremation follows at the Arlington Crematory.

A pioneer, a pillar and a paternal figure.

Dr. Alberto A. Lardizabal, FPCCP
March 14, 1932 – September 10, 2013