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Charles Y. Yu, MD Charles Y. Yu, MD, MSc, FPCP, FPCCP
President, 2017-18
Philippine College of Chest Physicians





2018 New Diplomates with the PCCP Specialty Board

After the hectic Board on the road weekend meetings, this week’s highlights included the conduct of the oral examinations for diplomates, since I was not physically able to attend due to medical reasons, I got the information from our secretariat that 100% of the applicants passed the oral exams. I would like to congratulate the successful examinees and welcome them formally to the PCCP, may you use your talents to help the College and its numerous programs and may you contribute to better health.

Orals Examination

This week has also seen the peaking of efforts to unite the medical professionals against the hysteria and fake news and misinformation by so-called experts which are going overboard in their misguided anti-Dengvaxia campaign now affecting all public health programs (with DOH noting a drop to a dangerous 60% in vaccine coverage). This has caused a great deal of stress on your president who is exasperated at how silly, absurd and irresponsible parties have become particularly government agencies like PAO, and irresponsible media, enough is enough! PCCP and its leadership would be remiss if we keep silent in all this and so your president takes full responsibility in helping the members get informed and support the Dengvaxia statement by doctors, scientists atbp, your president is proud to have been one of its lead convenors ( or , there will be an important meeting called by PMA on this topic on Feb 8, we wish all leaders well in this meeting.

G.E.E.K. on February 23

Finally may I thank the secretariat led by Joan for visiting me in my sickbed (actually HAMA hehehe) at home. There will be the third and final GEEK camp under my term.

Staff visit at Yu's residence

Sick Bay



WEEK 46 (January 23-29, 2018)

Board Pictorial and Board on the Road meeting

After the weekend’s written certifying examinations, may I personally congratulate the 37/38 who passed the certifying exam and express my personal wishes that the one who didn’t make it try again next year. The decoding of the exam results happened on Wednesday (Jan 24) at the Rizal Park Hotel, where we hit 2 (actually 3) birds with one stone, did our PCCP board pictorial for a forthcoming Health & Lifestyle magazine (originally March now August 2018), decoding and first executive board meeting in one meeting. Thursday, we attended the Mundipharma Launch in Shangrila BGC and used the opportunity to encourage them to level up partnership with PCCP through the signing of a future MOU (including the app to check inhaler compliance and making educational materials for our patients)

Saturday (Jan 27) saw us waking up early to motor to 2 chapter meetings at brunch meeting with the Central Luzon Chapter officers led by Dra. Eleanor Dominguez and 2 (later 3 other officers) at the Marquee Mall in San Fernando, Pampanga, we gave a short presentation and they in turn gave a report, they agreed to host a Grand Postgraduate course in 2019. It was an unexpected short trip to Baguio from there (less than 3 hours).

We then had a meeting with the Northern Luzon Chapter in their Winter Meeting that was attended by over 30 doctors (mostly fellows). We had 6 PCCP National Officers with us (thank you VP Leni Fernandez, Treasurer Ivan Villespin, Board Members Greg Ocampo, Imee Mateo, Janeth Samson and Jubert Benedicto, for taking time to attend this Board on the Road. The Board on the Road was an idea conceived by the late great Past PCCP president Tato Dantes (Vince Balanag last year had the record number of boards on the road visiting ALL chapters). I gave a presentation (albeit sabotaged by my MacBook air) and outgoing PCCP Northern Luzon Chapter Dr. Kareem Eustaquio gave an excellent report of the many activities the chapter is spearheading. Congratulations for all your fine work. They gave their resounding approval to the suggestion for them to host the 2020 Midyear Convention (exact location to be determined).

NorthWest Luzon Chapter meeting

PCCP Board and members of NorthWest Luzon Chapter

Finally today, I saw in the PCCP Southern Luzon FB messenger group discussing the sending of a medical team to Albay for the Mayon volcano refugees and victims, I have instructed the PCCP secretariat to release P 50,000 from our calamity funds/Presidents Fund to help them in this outreach mission, kudos Dr. Andrei Masanga and the volunteers! This is the true spirit of PCCP….. we will help anyway we can…continued prayers for the people of Albay (real home of Mayon)




Book Launching

A day after the East Avenue Medical Center Accreditation team visit to look at their facilities for their proposed pulmonary training program (salamat Grace Ramos for your hospitality and for the resolve to this), I also received word that the De La Salle University Medical Center is also seeking for possible pulmonary training program under the new Chief of the Pulmonary Section, Dr. Jun Partosa with Dr. Lalaine Nicolas as T.O. The next day I had to go to the PCHRD governing council and also had to sit as proponent of 2 large TB studies (Year 3 Newton Agham Fund of UK MRC and PCHRD and the landmark project TB COACH with US-NIH and PCHRD under the RePort consortium. 2 days later it was my turn to defend the TB FIT project in front of officers of the UK embassy and the Caffey international group.

Yesterday we passed by the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery (salamat for hosting the PCCP Certifying examinations for diplomate).

PCCP Certifying Examinations


Today (June 22,2018) was a momentous day as my book Physical Diagnosis: Experience and Evidence Book 1 was launched in my campus with no less than our President Bro Gus gracing the event. Altogether an exhausting but fulfilling week. This weekend we are doing our PCCP board on the road with meetings with Central Luzon and NorthWest Luzon Chapters.



Painting for DOST Secretary


The Union APRC 2019 Organizing Committee meet

2018 Annual Chest Convention OrgCom meet

January 10, 2018 , we attended the PCCP Annual convention OrgCom Meeting at Heat, EDSA Shangri-La, I am pleased at the progress the Orgcom has made in such a complex task as holding our convention, aside from the challenges of returning to EDSA Shang, there will be innovations introduced like the register then vote (like PCP) we have adopted to ensure the problems of the previous years do not occur, please get your QR code ASAP (some got it last midyear) if you want to have a smooth flow in the registration, contact the Secretariat for details. Also, I have personally overseen the opening rites will be marked by what I hope will be something our members will like. Attention, chapter presidents and standard bearers please attend the opening since your banners (and hopefully the new ones we have designed) will be used.

The next day we had our regular monthly Union APRC Orgcom Meeting, hosted by CHEST Philippine Delegation, both meetings were well attended and I thank everyone who took time out to attend these meetings.

Accreditation Board visits EAMC

Accreditation Board meets EAMC Pulmonary Consultants

January 15, we visited the East Avenue Medical Center (which is the midst of a massive renovation and upgrading thanks to the sin taxes). We were impressed by the enormous changes this was especially noted by our Accreditation Chair Gina. Thank you Past PCCP president Grace Ramos for your hospitality.

Finally, this was the week of our 14th wedding anniversary (Jan. 11) how time flies my love…Happy Anniversary!




CYY painting

We have a hectic month ahead as can be seen in the following summary above (and it’s just the PCCP related activities for me BTW. No wonder my one and only son (AKA Kim but now wants to be called Charles! Is complaining of his dad’s busy times na wala na daw oras for play).

CYY January schedule

Anyway, introducing the new PCCP van (we have an on-call driver who just lives across the HQ). I have also tapped former PCCP president Grace Ramos (also one of our advisers) to help look at the governance manual especially its rites and rituals. I have also started reviewing the opening and closing ceremonies abangan! (for a preview look at itunes ceremonial marches and fanfare particularly Heroic March, Olympic Opening and the Game of Thrones themes for starters), I will also suggest banner bearers for the chapters and councils and sashes for the heads). We have VIP guests coming for the President’s Honour Banquet particularly, Kwun Fong, Australian APSR president and Ral Antic, The Union APR President.

PCCP service vehicle

Finally, just in time to bypass the TRAIN law, the PCCP van has finally arrived to service our ever-increasing needs. We have set up ground rules for its use (no personal use for one thing, kaya ayan P2P ako from Alabang to Glorietta One and then P2P Glorietta 5 to Trinoma, pa-pick up na lang ako for the East Avenue Hospital Accreditation on the 15th. It’s a bold move but given our current financial status we can justify it. Also I have given the go signal to actively pursue the available lot (it’s a twin of our HQ lot) adjacent left to our office. It’s a strategic move and solve multiple problems and probably will be prioritized over renovation, babaratin muna natin. The owners are based abroad BTW. Lastly, the background photo above is a large koi painting by Pacheco who suffered a stroke many years ago and was famous for them, I bought the painting to help the impoverished painter who paints with his fingers.

Yu residence



WEEK 41 – 42 (December 19, 2017 – January 1, 2018)

Christmas Greetings

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the PCCP Family, as we look forward to a hopeful and better new year in 2018, after the family reunions, gatherings and parties, let us all count our blessings and remember the reason for the season, Christ birth. I look forward to doing as much board on the road meetings as we can possibly do, help in codifying the rites and rituals for opening, closing and necrological services for PCCP past leaders. I am proud of the help we have extended to past presidents in their hours of need (Dr. Manalo and Chad in particular).

PCCP greets you Happy Holidays!

CYY painting

We greet our esteemed past president, Dr. Evangeline Santos, on her 80++ birthday and wish her more healthier and happy years. I thank everyone for making this year so fruitful and painless for me and the Board. Stay with us as we make the difficult decisions for our College.

Birthday Lunch for Dr. Evangelina Santos



WEEK 39-40 (December 4-18, 2017)

PCCP President’s Yuletide Message


The PCCP Christmas Party was held last December 10 with at least 7 past presidents in attendance (Drs. Evangeline Santos, Tess De Guia, Milo Roa, Tito Atienza, Ding Ayuyao, Jopie Ramos and Maricar Limpin), board members , PCCP Southern Tagalog Chapter past presidents and officers, Council chairs and PCCP staff) we literally ate and sang the night away. Venue was our home in Ayala Alabang.

PCCP Annual Christmas Party

PCCP Christmas Party 2

A few days later the Orgcom had their own small Christmas gathering and meeting at Eric Moral’s home in Wack wack, both venues involved formal meetings at the poolside. The Fellows-in-Training also had their Christmas get-together on December 16 at the PCCP office.

Annual Convention OrgCom meeting

Fellows-in-Training Party

PCCP Staff as gatecrashers

Finally, I wish us all happy holidays in these times, Urduja aftermath , Dengvaxia … time to ring in the new and hopefully better year. We have gone ahead with our major purchase. We have a major receivable with Sanofi and hopefully this too will be resolved. We look forward to at least 2-3 more new pulmonary training institutions mostly outside NCR.



WEEK 37-38 (November 20 – December 3, 2017)

CYY artworks

We flew to Australia on November 20, arriving in Melbourne to visit Dey’s relatives, I flew again from Melbourne to Sydney to catch the en-bloc members meeting but our Qantas plane couldn’t fly because of water problems in the toilet, so I missed the meeting. Despite frantic attempts to reach Malbar (PCCP secretary) and Eileen Aniceto, both couldn’t arrive to attend the meeting. To make matters worse, I was nursing my misfortune in a nearby mall with La Salle colleagues only to find out I missed another meeting that day for APSR Assembly troika leaders meeting. It was good Jeps Wi who is TB Assembly Head Elect (Dr. Erlina Burhan of Indonesia is my successor) was there. The next day November 23, at the unholy hour of 7 AM, we had my last TB Assembly head meeting and formal turn-over to Erlina. I have served as head for the last 6 years.

APSR Sydney 2017

I presented our landmark project results on the TB FIT Newton Project on the last day of the convention and attended the Gala Night on the penultimate day. I was informed Tokyo is hosting the 2020 APSR (also Olympic year) with Guanzhou in 2021 (so earliest for us is 2022).

Last November 20, the Pulmonary Training Program Accreditation Board headed by Gina de los Reyes, conducted our last accreditation visit for the year 2017. I was ably represented by Greg Ocampo at The Medical City and Cardinal Santos Medical Center. The Accreditation Board is scheduled to visit a new applicant, the Pulmonary Section of East Avenue Medical Center, by January 15, 2018. I also understand that applications for new pulmonary fellowship programs are currently being prepared by the De La Salle University Medical Center (Dr. Partosa) and by the Southern Mindanao group in Davao City (Dr. Romy Uy).

The Medical City accreditation visit

Cardinal Santos Medical Center accreditation visit

Finally, we are in the midst of preparations for the PCCP Christmas Party on December 10 (Sunday) in our home in Alabang. We hope to revive the tradition of Presidents hosting the annual event. We hope to see you there!

PCCP Annual Christmas Party

Major Preparations by the Host

WEEK 35-36 (Nov 6 – 19, 2017)

November Board Meeting


This last 2 weeks involved a significant milestone in my life since November 13, 2017 marked the 60th year of my birth. I had my celebrations last November 12 (a Sunday) and I thank the near perfect attendance of the PCCP staff and BOD advisory board, Jeps Wi, during the luncheon. We had a belated celebration with the Board last Friday (November 17) when for the first time, I asked the board to do the meeting nearer our home parang pambirthday sa akin ( at para maramdaman naman ang layo ng biyahe naming for our meetings in QC hehehe).

Choly @ 60

Choly @ 60

Choly @ 60

Anyway, I am happy to report that the execom/board has approved the purchase of the software and development of the program to modernize and computerize the training hospitals with the end of improving and making it easier for our trainees and hospitals to respond to their accreditation and training needs. In principle, the board is open to a phase 2 to improve research through better database and registries.

WebCAS meeting

4 months to go, the members of the Organizing Committee headed by Ivan Villespin, are conducting its regular meeting to finalize implementation plans for the 2018 Annual Chest Convention. Calendar March 11-14, 2018 for the #PCCP2018 at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, Mandaluyong City!

#PCCP2018 OrgCom meet

There is a last-ditch effort to pass the increased tobacco tax in the TRAIN bill and let’s all pray that this uphill effort will produce a miracle. Events are centered around UP PGH for the tax reform forum tomorrow, we must call the attention of all senators to support TRAIN Bill. We hope we could literally storm the heavens (este create a social media buzz or furor) for our message to reach these legislators.

Raise Tobacco Tax Now!

May I appeal for a good attendance in the PCCP Christmas Party on the 10th of December, I have offered my home to host this event to revive the tradition of President’s opening their homes to host this PCCP family event. To our invitees please come….



WEEK 33-34 (OCT. 23 – NOV. 5, 2017)

CYY artworks

The last 2 weeks can be described as more behind the scenes action, with the Board’s support we have gone all-out to support the Sin Tax Coalition particularly the build-up to November 10 when we hope to persuade the Senate to double the cigarette tax. We email blasted all our accessible PCCP members (sorry sa kakulitan but kailangan).

Late-breakers, may I give way and share this information directly from an email fom Tony Dans who is spearheading the effort) please share:

These are our activities for the Nov. 8 Committee Hearing of the Senate Committee on Ways and Means. Please note that our earlier discussed dates were moved to an earlier one because we just received official confirmation that the committee hearing is indeed this Nov. 8. We need everyone’s participation.

1. Nov. 6 Twitter Party
- 7pm, The Other Room, #17 Malingap St.
- If you are willing to be interviewed on video, please come as early as 3pm
- For those who can’t come but will participate online, follow or like the Bawas Bisyo FB Page. We need to make #DearAngara trend. You can tag him @sonnyangara on Twitter.

2. Nov. 8 Committee Hearing
- 10am, JP Laurel Room, 2nd Floor, Senate
- Please wear white (preferably our uniforms for doctors)
- Tell the guards that you’re attending the ways and means committee hearing
- Angara will tackle other sources of revenues for the tax reform and this is the best opportunity to include tobacco tax
- We need a lot of warm bodies to show support. Please confirm through this email or through Arjay Mercado at 09778192364.

We hope to see you all!

Tony D

July 24 was supposed to be the Union Congress Orgcom, thank you Dags for taking over since I was under the weather (as well as Jeps) thank you PPS for hosting…in the evening I made a personal appearance at the inter-hospital conference at Bellevue Hotel hosted by University of Perpetual DALTA Medical Center and Natrapharm but had to leave earlier than expected.

The Union APRC meet

The Union APRC meet

On a personal note, I had to attend to more personal matters in the last few days including Halloween without my wife (who was in Korea and arrived very late on the 31st) and am busy preparing for my senior moment este natal day… was busy doing watercolors while recuperating from a lingering illness…..hopefully will be recharged before the Board meeting on the 17th.



WEEK 31-32 (Oct 9- Oct 22, 2017)

Paintings by Dr Yu

Days before we had bade goodbye to PCCP past president Mario Lirag in a joint LCP-PCCP eulogy which was ably done by PCCP Past President and LCP Director Vince Balanag. The gesture was highly appreciated by the Lirag family.

Dr. Mario Lirag

PCCP Honors Dr. Lirag

October 11, we celebrated the 93rd birthday of our first PCCP president Fermin Manalo, I gave a short video greeting in behalf of PCCP.

Dr. Manalo's Birthday

October 18, we signed a landmark MOU with Novartis represented by Cheryl Maley to launch a COPD awareness program called Breathe Initiative (thanks Jubert for coining this acronym) and symbolic turn-over of 650 cellphone based spirometry (smart air)

BREATHE Initiative

October 19, on the invitation of Maricar Limpin past PCCP president, anti-tobacco champion, I attended to represent PCCP, the anti-tobacco coalition at Max (the original restaurant in Scout Tuason). The brainstorming aimed to strategize the next steps to push for a higher sin tax for tobacco products. Senate bill 1599, by Manny Pacquiao increasing tax to 60 pesos (doubling the tax) and 9% annually. This is intended to be attached to the TRAIN bill (the tax reform bill).

Sin Tax Coalition

This is version 2 of the letter, please publicize in your social media posts, twitter, FB, Instagram, we will email blast all PCCP members ASAP.


20 October 2017

Dear Senator,

We appeal on your compassionate heart for our children, please support the proposal to increase tobacco tax. Sen. Manny Pacquiao has filed Senate Bill 1599, proposing the increase of tobacco tax rate from the current PhP 30 pesos per pack to PhP 60 pesos and an annual increase of nine percent thereafter.

The tobacco tax increase cannot be delayed and should be included in the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) or in the package 1 of tax reforms being deliberated in the Senate. We hope you will be able to signify your intent to include the tobacco tax increase in the period of amendments of TRAIN before the deadline on October 26, 2017. We hope to visit your office and discuss our appeal before the session starts on November 13.

The time to increase tobacco tax is now. We are alarmed that every year of delay will result in additional 200,000 smokers who will be suffering from sure-death diseases. Based on our estimates, Sen. Pacquiao’s proposed increase will arrest the rise in the number of smokers and we will have one million less smokers at the end of the term of this administration.

The revenues from the increase in tobacco tax are needed to augment the shortfall in funds from the tax reform bill of Sen. Sonny Angara and even from the House Bill 5636. We need the revenues from tobacco to fund the unanticipated spending on universal health care that will need more than PhP 65 billion for the medium term, free college education that will need PhP 51 billion for the first year, the Marawi war that cost us PhP 5 billion, so far, and other necessary social services and infrastructure for the people.

While the Department of Finance (DOF) recognizes the need to adjust the tobacco tax rate, it is included in the last package of reforms. Slicing the reforms into many packages is no longer feasible and practical because of legislation fatigue, election cycle, and diminishing political capital.

We know that this important measure has a place in your heart. Please let us know of your available when we can meet and discuss your questions about this proposal. We hope to hold it as soon as possible because we are racing against the scheduled period of amendments in the Senate when the session resumes on November 13.

You may reach us through our contact details . . . .

Finally here’s the email of our senators, please target those we know are opposed or neutral (OK na si Bam, Hontiveros, Pacquiao)


Senators Contacts



WEEK 29-30 (Sept 25-Oct 8,2017) Mid-year Convention atbp

Opening Ceremony

Keynote Speaker awarding

I was busy with family matters last week but this week saw a flurry of activities around the 20th PCCP Midyear convention, despite the horrendous Cebu traffic from the airport (and 4 cebu lechon experiences later… there goes my 32 waistline again), Oct 5 was very busy, we had our 8th! Board meeting , Welcome and Fellowship night back to back. We have happily closed the unfortunate incident with Pharma friends (Natrapharm salamat). I congratulate the ORgcom headed by the PCCP Central Visayas president , John Aranas for a superb effort (despite some hotel glitches), the over a thousand delegates (they were expecting 500), classy exhibits, excellent scientific program (our TB session ahem was jampacked). As of this writing, we had a great inter-hospital conference attended by no less than 6 board members. The ‘Game of Thrones” format which I really liked and the state of the art Chong Hua Mandaue auditorium was a fitting setting and the food was great! In a reverse situation the webinar (GSK) was broadcast live to members from Cebu..Salamat Chong Hua. Finally, we will have the business meeting early this afternoon (Oct 7). Condolences to the family of Dr. Mario Lirag, PCCP past president, for his untimely demise. On Wednesday, Oct 11, we hope to celebrate Dr. Fermin Manalos birthday. On Oct. 18 at Makati Diamond we will have a press conference and a MOA signing with Novartis. I am also sharing a clip from the webinar and our Newton Fund TB FIT Project poster in IUATLD next week on the catastrophic costs of TB.

TB Diagnostics : Updates

QR Code launching





WEEK 28 (September 18-24,2017)

While we are still reveling from the euphoria of our ERS World Village experience both as PCCP and a showcase member of APSR (thank you APSR Dr. Kwun Fong for gracing our PCCP presentation and for the dozens of PCCP members who took time out to visit our booth and attend our presentations, sayang wala ako). The previous weeks blog updated by JoAnn shows you the highlights of the videos and photos.

PCCP hosted session at ERS

This week we had the second meeting of Asia Pacific Regional Conference (APRC) otherwise known as the TB Union Regional Conference was hosted by the Philippine Tuberculosis Society Inc (PTSI), PCCP Secretariat is also acting as the convention host.

Union APRC 2019 meeting

The meeting included Cluster Chairs, which have now been asked to meet on their own. The venue is PICC, date is April , 2019 (finalized dates to be confirmed at IUATLD Guadalajara, Mexico). I wish good health, God-speed and stay safe to our APRC representatives presenting in forthcoming international meeting.

Towards almost the end of the week, another small crisis erupted when Board Director Greg Ocampo raised the conflict schedule problems of the PCCP Mid-year convention in Cebu on October 5-7, which coincides with the nationwide, simultaneous online PCP RITE exams by IM residents Oct 6 (many of whom are attending the PCCP mid-year) and the Accreditation visits of PCP to Cebu (hitting Chong Hua hospital PCCP organizers and speakers in particular Oct 7). I emailed and texted and communicated with national PCP president Ken Go (who expressed surprise at this turn of events, we do have 3 PCCP members on the PCP board). Anyway, hopefully by this weekend, a compromise might be forthcoming thanks especially to Imee Mateo (salamat…). I am not yet at liberty to announce the compromise until it becomes official.

Finally, last Sept 23 (a Saturday), I received a pleasant surprise , when I was visited by a high-ranking NatraPharm boss in my OPD clinic in our new DLSU MAC. The details are private but I think we both walked away wiser and hopefully will have better relations and communications in the future. He also asked permission to talk to VP Leni F and I advised him to also talk to the aggrieved parties from Cebu. This has been a personally trying week for me and I hope readers can pray for their president. I also attended the Luneta event in a personal capacity.

CYY artwork



WEEK 26-27 PCCP goes International!

ERS National Delegate

This blog was deliberately delayed by a week since many of the officers are out of town attending the European Respiratory Society (ERS), including JoAnn who is bravely manning the PCCP booth in the ERS World Village, we also have events and presentations there as PCCP (ERS national society enbloc member) and as APSR member, thank you to VP Leni Fernandez and Secretary Malbar Ferrer for representing us and giving their presentations. Thank you also to ERS national delegate representing the Philippines, Dr. Eric Moral, for facilitating our presentation. Thank you to all PCCP members who took time out to visit our booth. I am also very pleased that the top ERS leaders paid us a visit and VIPs like PCCP friend the great Phil Hopewell passed by. We had a board meeting last week but was so engrossed with “hot issueS” we forgot to document the meeting thru pictures! Anyway, I am also sharing the well attended PCCP council meeting (COPD/Diagnostic) led by Tim and Roland. (go go C-PASS!)

Philippine Delegation at World Village Theater

ERS leadership visits PCCP

PCCP space at ERS world village

PCCP advisory board, Dr. Teresita de Guia and Joan

CPASS meeting



WEEK 25 (August 28- September 3,2017)

This was the third consecutive superbusy week, August 30 was the back-to-back PCCP accreditation visits to UST and Chinese Gen Hospital, thank you to our hosts for the excellent reception, food and hospitality. UST is in the midst of a massive renovation and moving into an integrated building complex, the complexity of running actually 2 hospitals (clinical division and private) is really a daunting task and challenge but trust our colleagues to do this. CGH too with its maze of buildings (I think we went up and down 3-4 sets of elevators just to reach our first destination). All in all the accreditation visit was a success and we were impressed salamat po Dr. Julius Dalupang and Dra. Eden Chua and all your staff.

Accreditation visit

The next day, we met at the PCCP office for the second meeting of the 2019 Union (APRC) meeting of heads of committees particularly the Scientific Cluster Over-All Dr. Jeps Wi. It was a productive meeting attended by Jeps, Jopie Blanco-Ramos representing CHEST Philippine Delegation, Dags Cadena (Conference Sec general), myself (as Local Overall chair, Leni Fernandez as Post-grad Chair and Jubert Benedicto. We discussed the logo for the convention and basically drafted a skeleton of the entire convention including topic tracks and possible collaborating agencies like WHO, PCHRD, PPS. Finally we had a major issue during the PCCP Inter-hospital Conference featuring Perpetual Succour, I promised to cool down before making public comments but I would like to apologize to our members esp those based in Cebu for the incovenience of not being able to successfully web-broadcast the conference, we deeply regret it. ENUF SAID BAGO KUNG ANO PA MASABI KO, as I promised…peace muna.. Lastly, I asked IT czar Gwen Dy-Agra to help pilot-test the QR barcode and reader (small pilot muna) targetting our PCCP fellows attending the Cebu midyear convention and the business meeting attendance. BTW, did you notice the drone snap shots during the Lung fair? Maricar is also asking our availability regarding a meeting with DOH Sec Ubial re EO on TB drugs. Now back to long weekend rest, I almost finished the oil paintiing below until asthma arrived.

Accreditation visit, Union meet

Union APRC2019 sample logo




As the week began, August 21, Ninoy Aquino’s death anniversary, the long holiday weekend enabled me to recharge and recover from exhaustion and asthma. August 22, saw PCCP taking the spotlight at the PCP Forum (salamat PCP) with our Council Chairs in Tobacco , COPD, Infections as Board member Jubert answering questions and plugging the Lung Fair in Quezon Circle.

Lung Month activities

August 24 , saw us in a very important meeting with a high-level joint USAID-Washington/WHO External team that included PCCP (me, Leni, Jubert and Ronnie Morfe as TB Council chair as well as past PhiLCAT Chair). Also present were Nina Berba (IDS-PGH), current PHILCAT Chair, the PSMID President Rose De Los Reyes, PCOM, NTP and other professional groups.

Dr. G Magtibay and Dr. E Tayag

Usec Bayugo speech

Dancing Doctor, Dr. Eric Tayag

Lung Month Activities

As the photos show, the Lung Fair “Kilusang Malusog na Baga” was a huge event involving hundreds of participants (about a thousand from Zumba alone), the booths were filled up with people lining up for materials, giveaways, patient education was going on.


Maraming maraming Salamat Eileen Aniceto for an excellent event, excellent weather too, all the training hospitals, councils, pharma partners, advocacy groups, DOH and its various bureaus including health promotion, the mass media for being so welcoming to us. It maybe the calm before the storm (more next week) but been reenergized!!!! GO PCCP!!!



WEEK 23: TOXIC WEEK OVER BACK TO SICKBAY (August 14 – 20, 2017)

This was a really toxic helluva week, we had our partners from Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine arriving for a week-long stay (Prof. Ivor and Ewan), Monday and Tuesday was a series of draining preparatory meetings (including 2 dry-runs for the TB-FIT Newton Fund TB Impact project).

TB Prevalence Survey

TB Prevalence Survey

Short Term Recommendations

Long Term Recommendations

Interspersed with preparations for paperwork for DLSHI new nominations (for me all 4 but decided on research as first choice-no-brainer really) for vice-chancellors and a 10-year development plan meeting. Anyway by Thursday (Aug 17) was already feeling bad but had to attend 3 meetings in the morning, 2 PCCP-related. The breakfast meeting at Crown Plaza was sponsored by PCCP (but thanks to the PhilCAT billeted rooms we got a discount). This was the first-all heads meeting for the upcoming 2019 APRC (Asia-Pacific Regional Congress of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease).

Union APRC 2019

PCCP Novartis Meet

This included myself, Dr. Milo Roa, Dr. Jo Blanco-Ramos CHEST Philippine Delegation, Dags (PTSI) and us providing the secretariat, Jeps for PhilCAT/PCCP/ACCP, Lai Garcia for PCCP, orgcom ways and means.

With top honchos/honchas? of Novartis resulted in a common agreement to sign a smartphone application to become PFT machines, initially targeted for diplomates, we agreed it should be turned over to PCCP. PCCP would then determine best persons to give including active council and chapter members among others.

After lunch, we attended the opening ceremonies of PHILCAT where Sec. Ubial announced a target to look for a million TB suspects (she however, did not broadcast the proposed EO on making DOH the sole distributor or dispenser of TB drugs.) In the evening, I represented PCCP in the business meeting and formally moved to restore DOH as vice chair of PHILCAT which was unanimously approved by the assembly (with a facilitated call by good friend Dr. Jimmy Lagahid who stepped out of retirement and now does farming to attend this event).

PhilCAT Opening Ceremonies

PhilCAT Dinner

August 18 (Friday) was a full day, we attended PHILCAT convention, signed the MOU for APRC during the closing ceremonies and signed the commitment board for PCCP.During the pot-PHILCAT meeting we hosted a joint PCCP-PHILCAT-DLSHSI/Newton Fund dinner at Tin Xian Di Chinese restaurant (funded by TB FIT) where we had discussions on the role and importance of the private sector in TB elimination and the idea of INTEL (formerly INCITE) Innovative TB Elimination Center was first broached and initially approved by the leaders.

Union MOA Signing

Newton Fund Dinner

Finally, I couldn’t physically go to the Central Luzon Chapter 1st Post Graduate Course at Premiere Medical Center and the NorthWest Luzon chapter Clinicopathologic Conference, I sent a video message for the former and Dr. Jubert Benedicto represented the board in the latter. By Saturday morning, was totally exhausted but had to attend one last whole morning meeting with NTP and Bulacan partners.

Central Luzon PG

President's Address

NorthWest Luzon CPC



WEEK 22: August 7-13, 2017

CYY's painting

This week is to me in a double sense, the calm before the storm. Next week is a pretty hectic day given the PHILCAT Convention August 17-18 at Crowne Plaza Hotel. On the sidelines of those will be the first OrgCom Meeting of Chairs of the Union Asia Pacific Region meeting probably on the 17th of August, the Dinner I am hosting on the 18th to brainstorm on what’s next after the release of the 2016 TB Prevalence survey. We are also heartened by news that about 1,500 people have now pre-registered for the Zumbaga part of the Kilusang Malusog na Baga. Our PCCP lead persons will soon be appearing increasingly in media to drum up publicity.

Last August 8, I graced the launch of OEP’s new product (see photos). I used the opportunity to reach out to the PCCP fellows audience to attend the August 27 event and to get involved. The Fair is now a major flagship project of Councils and Training institutions.

Promotions for Lung Fair

OEP event

Lastly, it’s my last days as Vice Chancellor for Mission and Linkages at DLSHSI, after 10 years, my next life, I’m not sure but will be decided next week. Please pray for me and those who will decide, my options range from moving or returning to a post if allowed to retire early to maybe being open to consultancies especially for developmental projects in TB, to speaking engagements. It’s almost half-way to my PCCP term and we are about to begin our out of town board on the road. Good luck to PCCP Central Luzon Chapter on its postgrad at Premiere Medical Center in Cabanatuan City. Apologies for not coming medyo bugbog na physically and mentally.



WEEK 21 (July 31- August 6,2017) Kilusang Malusog na Baga, Board Meeting, Meeting with Pfizer

During this week, the start of both National Lung Month and Asthma/TB awareness weeks, board member Dr. Eileen Aniceto, CSR head and whose brainchild is the “Kilusang Malusog na Baga” mini-fair@ Quezon City Memorial Circle on August 27, 2017. As you can see from the publicity poster below it has grown bigger than what we imagined now involving Councils with partner training institutions, the Quezon City government, pharma partners and NGOs. Dr. Aniceto was interviewed over TV5 Aksyon, thanks for waking up early (stunning pa rin despite the unholy hour).

Lung Fair POSTER

TV5 Aksyon

TV5 Aksyon guesting

I endured a 4-hour plus nightmare trip from Bicutan DOST- PCHRD to our Execom meeting in EDSA Shangrila Hotel, our venue and dinner was sponsored by EDSA Shang BTW. I was originally scheduled to also meet Pfizer honchos at the lobby but ended up talking to them intermittently through Skype, FaceTime and finally by phone. (great shot below, I think that’s the Medical director on the phone with me, stuck @EDSA) I hope we can sign an MOU by mid year convention time to outline our possible collaboration, to date I think we have signed MOUs with the following: 1. ABBOTT LAMON Lung (nutrition in lung disease workshops) 2. GSK (webinar PCCP interhospital) 3. MOU with RX Global for anti-smoking advocacy 4) UNILAB UAP for GEEK camp and PCCP mobile app 5) Novartis web-based lung conferences 6) Mundipharma INHALE (plus a part 2)… During the board meeting (half I listened to from the van I was riding), we heard uplifting updates on the Cebu mid-year convention and the annual convention. We then presided over the remaining part of the meeting. Our meeting was especially graced by our senior advisers Dr. Tess De Guia, Dr. Dina Diaz and Dr. Grace Ramos (they gave their feedback on the finalized start plan highlights presented by Lenny Fernandez, the proposed PCCP main HQ renovations and the possible bid for APSR2020 including the consideration of venues outside Manila). We signed the EDSA Shang hotel contract for the hosting of the next annual convention.

Meet with Pfizer Medical

Shangrila PCCP MOA

Board MeetingBoard Meeting





Week for me started with a full schedule July 25 (which also happened to be my wife’s birthday), after experiencing horrendous traffic going to Veterans Memorial Medical Center (VMMC). I was pleasantly surprised by what we saw at the VMMC especially its renovated areas (clinical laboratories, huge and modern ICU among others). Thank you for the great lunch. Kudos for my colleagues at the Accreditation Board headed by Dr. Gina delos Reyes. We would like to commend the chief fellow of VMMC for making an extra effort in uploading the voluminous info online and simplified to make accessing Google drive so easy. VMMC is rich with its roster of veterans and their dependents. It’s nice to see that funds in the recent past have been poured to improve facilities. We hope they can set up sleep facilities and can succeed in buying new ventilators with wave analysis capabilities and repair their DLCO and related pulmonary function machines.

SLMC accreditation visit


Next we went to St. Luke’s Medical Center (SLMC) QC, the Accreditation visit was a breeze since SLMC is known for its JCI, world-class facilities (jokingly, you must do something about your elevators in the old central wing which reminded me the rickety 2nd floor elevator in PGH which took ages to go up). We had a frank exchange with FITs in both hospitals.

We also signed an initial MOU with Novartis and the initial salvo is to invite PCCP members to an eCongress of the First International Primary Care respiratory Group (IPCRG) which is being held in Colombo, Sri Lanka on August 3-5 either by live stream or on a delayed basis. It’s our attempt to maximize these web based CPDs for our members. It may not be the high tech topics but I suggest we give a listen to the grassroots especially our primary physicians to broaden our horizon.

Big thanks to Gwen and IT team for GEEK CAMP 2.0.

GEEK Camp 2

Again may I toot the horn for the August 27 (Sunday) LUNG MINI-FAIR, Calling on all able-bodied PCCP members to be there! This means you! (Pakibroadcast Joan sa FB, e-blast and twitter). Also try to attend the PHILCAT convention, very nice program put together,we will learn a lot! CIAO!



WEEK 19 (July 18 – 23, 2017)

Feeling under the weather, it like the calm before the storm as next week is a super hectic week with 2 accreditation visits to Veterans Memorial Medical Center and St. Luke’s Medical Center on July 25, GEEK CAMP 2.0 on the 26th as well as a repeat INHALE workshop.

We signed another MOU with Novartis , which is the fourth so far (GSK, UAP, RX Global atbp), we have scheduled meetings with Pfizer hopefully next week (postponed because of illness).


We  got the sad news that Board Member Dr. Janeth Samson’s mother died from a lingering illness. Her body lies in state at Mt. Carmel Church in Quezon City.  Condolences Janeth, we are with you in your hour of grief. Our secretariat is trying to help out and give support to her. She had earlier wanted to go on leave to take care of her mom, ironically, she died the day before her birthday. Condolences in behalf of PCCP.

Board member, Dr. Imee Mateo, also chair of Tobacco or Health and Air Pollution council and past PCCP president Vince Balanag met with the officers of the Philippine Pharmaceutical  Association (PPhA) at the PCCP office to talk about possible collaboration on our anti-smoking advocacy such as trainors training and CME materials, we may come up with a MOU with them. Their leaders include past colleagues and friends who were active during my DOTS/TB advocacy days in the PhilTIPS project in early 2000. Unexpectedly, some visitors who joined in included a group of VAPE advocates. Imee told them in no uncertain terms that our e-cigarette stand prevails and unless WHO itself has a change in its stand, we would still be against VAPE.

Last July 19, the 2018 annual chest convention organizing committee, headed by the overall chair Dr. Ivan Villespin, met with our partners from the healthcare industry.  Sponsorship packages were crafted in compliance with the  DOH-Administrative Order (A0) 2015-0053 entitled “Implementing Guidelines on the Promotion and Marketing of Prescription Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Devices”.  The College continues to nurture our professional relationship with our valued partners and we look forward to more opportunities for cooperation and mutual benefit.

Corporate Partners Meet; photo credits: Dr. Eric Moral



WEEK 18 (July 10 – 17, 2017)


blog week 18 no 1

We finally got the PCCP BOD google egroup up and running. Thanks to the Board particularly VP Leni for setting this up. We initially had some birthpains, like the President and VP got locked out hehehe, but it is another great platform for us to discuss issues specially sensitive ones without waiting for the monthly board meetings. Through this vehicle, we were quickly able to overcome our own bureaucracy to fast-track approval of the flagship Kilusang Lusog Baga, Mini-Lung Fair in Quezon Circle on August 27. This will involve our FITs, training institutions based in Metro Manila, Councils and PCCP members who I hope can include Central and Southern Luzon.

We also approved assistance to our ailing first PCCP president, Dr. Fermin Manalo, who had a stroke sometime back and is now bedridden and on NGT feeding. Thanks Jeps for your concern and raising this to our board. We have now approved the plans to help him through a small monthly fund renewable by each incoming board, donations are also welcome. It’s the least we can do for our founding Father and first president. I debated and thought long and heard about posting this photo but finally decided we should share it.

I did a survey of the senior advisers of the present board and got a go signal to proceed with preparatory plans for a major renovation of the 2-decade old PCCP headquarters. We also got a positive feedback to explore a possible bid for the 2020 APSR (either Manila or Cebu) but this is still being decided upon in time for the November APSR en-bloc meeting. Complicating matters is the Union TB APR (regional meeting) in 2019 which also involves most of us.

The DATS Council headed by Roland Panaligan has launched the first workshop for FITS, the INHALE (Integrated, Harmonious, Learning) workshop in Oakwood, Ortigas in partnership with Mundipharma, I gave a welcome message.

INHALE workshop, photo credit: Dr. August Sablan

Late in the week we received word that Dr. Fermin Manalo was having cough and was ailing, he suffered a stroke months ago. Our secretariat regularly visits him, past President Jeps Wi visited him a week ago and recommended to the board some ideas to assist him. This has now been approved by the board. Thank you, past president Eric Moral for passing by to give him succor and prescriptions. We have released some financial assistance next week, Dra. Wi gave some funds when she visited, I wanted to post his latest photo and condition but decided against it.

We encourage everyone to plan to attend the PHILCAT convention where major earth-shaking results such as the 2016 TB prevalence survey (by Dr. Mary Ann Lansang), the Newton Fund TB FIT study by Prof Ivor Langley of the UK Liverpool school of Tropical medicine and the DOH catastrophic health study.

The Lung Fair orgcom also met last Thursday (sorry people, spirit willing but..) again kudos to Aileen and her young team. NAHABOL NILA ANG CPD UNITS SA PRC…We received letters of invitation from the Compendium publishers, Phil. Pharmacy Association to collaborate on the stop smoking initiatives, a follow up letter from Novartis, among others.


blog week 18 no. 3





WEEK 17 (JULY 3-9,2017)



We (PCCP President, CPE Board coordinator Jubert Benedicto) and the secretariat headed by JoAnn) met with head honchos of Mundipharma which include Ed Zaragoza (ethical marketing) Dr. Miriam Agno (Medical Director), Johann (CME) and Freida Las (PM) to talk about collaborative initiatives. MundiPharma already has an existing MOA with our Council of Diagnostics and Therapeutics, headed by Roland P., on their inhaler technique workshops targeting training hospitals, we hope to have an addendum to expand it for CPE and an expanded Flu…… (still no official name) Digital Initiatives (see photo below). We were shown the 3D glasses which is a simplified Virtual Reality (VR) reader and a sample of their 3D educational materials. We had a good exchange of ideas and informed MundiPharma we are an official CPE provider accredited by PRC. We hope we can sign a MOU with them by August.

















We also had some early talks with the architect which renovated our HQ but it is to early days to give an update until we have more information for sharing with the Board. A major capex is about to be decided on. In the evening, I was invited as past PCP president to join a dinner hosted by PCP President Ken Hartigan-Go, it was heart-warming to see the largest gathering of PCP presidents ever, we discussed the PCP strategic plans and other sensitive matters.


PCP meeting with past presidents, photo credit: Dr. Gina Nazareth

















Through the initiatives (I guess gentle pressure is an understatement ) of Eileen Aniceto, CSR coordinator and the approval of the PCCP board, we are going to hold a mini-health fair as a culminating activity of LUNG MONTH (from the looks of it, it’s not so mini) on AUGUST 27 (Sunday) at the Quezon Circle grounds. It will feature a ZUMBAGA (Zumba activity from 6-8 AM) and a whole morning events with PCCP booths by our councils for lay education, ALL LUZON BASED members are invited, FITs are required to attend unless on duty (part of community participation of training institutions). LET’S GO ALL OUT TO SUPPORT THIS OFFICIAL PCCP ADVOCACY FLAGSHIP EVENT!

Health fair















Lastly, on the suggestion of VP Leni F., we have created a discussion platform for Board members to discuss matters beyond the pale of the monthly board meetings, since so many things are happening at PCCP. From the photo above of the youth and vitality of our members, PCCP is in good hands. Please inform the secretariat of how we can get in touch with you and vice-versa. 80% are reached by email, 85% by text blast, Earl of our IT group piloted a survey on what social media platforms we use, we hope we expand this to include all members and try to find a way to communicate with our senior members too…Happy weekend!






This was an extraordinarily heavy week, despite Monday being a holiday (Eid) it gave me enough time for rest.


We had our MDH (AM) and UP PGH Accreditation visits, as a member of the Accreditation Board, we had enlightening visits and a sumptuous lunch and merienda. We had a chance to pilot test the new and improved accreditation system utilizing a self-assessment tool, most of the data was online in Google drive and the primary sources, logbooks were stored in the visited training institutions conference rooms. We breezed through the visits, interviewed the pulmo fellows in training and then exit appraised the consultants and fellows. I also had an opportunity to give my personal donation to Marawi to UP PGH fellow Dra Hanna Manua. It was actually like a tale of 2 cities, thank you for the hospitality, it was also a nice homecoming for me in the visit to PGH.

pic 1

pic 3

pic 2


Thanks to the great efforts of Gwen (Dy-Agra), a future leader of PCCP, our PCCP high tech czarina (JUBERT is the liaison board in charge and confessed he didn’t use twitter until then and still used a notebook and pen most of the item…bagay nga…) I really do have a knack for good chemistry, we had a wonderful learning experience and exchange. Thanks to all the speakers, I learned a lot, special thanks too to Dra Iris Thiele Tan-Isip (@endocrine_witch) for giving us her time and showing the potentials of Twitter, Earl Sempio for the Google talk and Rudy , Ronnie and Eric. Below was the program, there will be further GEEK camps in the future targeting our fellows and members, we need to further interconnect and to maximize the use of social media . We also had a MOU signing with UAP General Manager and Division VP Mr Laureano Salazar, maraming salamat po for hosting the historic first GEEK CAMP and offering to host more in the future. Great food and camaraderie.

pic 6 b

pic 4

pic 6pic 7


VP Leni Fernandez really did a great job of organizing the 2017 PCCP Strategic Planning and I wish to heartily thank all the participants who sacrificed their time to attend and contribute. Special mention are the past presidents (I love you all dearly). Dra. Evangeline Santos was in a wheelchair but actively participated and even made her comments. She even gave her contribution to the Legacy project sharing precious originals and photos, truly the epitome of PCCP leaders. All 8 tables and areas had great inputs and the active participation of both the old and new members and leaders.

In the evening we had a short but productive Board meeting, Strat plan facilitator, Jojo Picar, gave us a summary and we decided while all the 8 pillars were important it was best to push advocacy and membership and the others would also play overarching roles. We also heard from Ronnie Morfe on TB matters… We asked for help from the TB council. Eileen A. pushed for the health fair @ Quezon Circle in August ( Lung Month), let’s go all out to support this, which will involve all of us.

We had our socials near the poolside (saying it rained so we were indoors, JoAnn I hope you don’t post my singing (I hope no one taped it). ‘Twas a wonderful week, let’s still pray for Marawi but I was truly happy (as I said I am enjoying being President and asthma attacks are down).

pic 12

pic 8

pic 9

pic 10

pic 11

pic 13

pic 14





WEEK 14-15 (JUNE 12-25)


Week 14 was uneventful except for the approval of further funds to be released to Board member Eileen Aniceto of Iligan to help in Marawi relief focusing on health. We spent the week finalizing the First quarter update which we have e-mail blasted to all members via mailmerge.


June 19 (Jose Rizal’s birthday) saw the launch of the Quit Smoking Hotline in LCP, Dr. Imee Mateo and the secretariat attended but traffic prevented me from reaching the event in time. We proceeded to Quezon circle for a meeting with Novartis Healthcare re continuing professional education programs and a possible MOA with them. There are planned activities in August (web-based) and a large event possibly co-sponsored by us in October.

blog 1

blog 3













We heard some upcoming bad news regarding the 2016 TB survey and have written to the TB council for advice. June 21, OrgCom of Annual Chest Convention met at the office, a new venue for the convention has been chosen.

blog 2




WEEK 13 (June 5-11,2017)

week 13 a

It’s been a busy week for those involved in channeling help, funds through our liaison groups, the PCCP Northern Mindanao Chapter, through Dr. Peter Gamolo, we have been in closed touch with PCP too, thank you all for the individual donations and we hope the modest donation we gave alleviates the suffering, thanks Dr. Eileen Aniceto for being our point person for the Marawi relief.

We also sent our stand on the tax reform bill especially on the health hazards of biofuels to the Senate. We have also formally launched the Health campaign directed at our members (thanks again Eileen, see below).

Health Programs for   members_may13

week 13 c

week 13 d
week 13 e

We have also been asked to send 2 PCCP reps to the FGD for the Philhealth on TB, the TB council should be actively participating in this. Last June 8, we had our meeting at SOFITEL (we have some residual account from the last convention). During our board meeting, important decisions were made, I also signed the MOA with Father Alan re our new adoptive community with the help of the Novaliches parish. We also voted on the venue for next convention, thanks Ivan for doing a great job. Next week, we will be representing PCCP in the Quit smoking hotline launch.

We also decided to try to go paperless in our board meetings, in keeping with our desire to help the environment and modernize the way we do things. We also gave our approval for the proposed MOA with partners CHEST PD, PhilCAT, PTSI, PSMID and PPS for the 2019 Union APR Meeting in Manila. We also approved changing some of our air-conditioners to Inverter types especially on the ground floor. Discussions also included instead of piece-meal renovations to look at entirely renovating the office. A study will be made on this. A major decision on a major purchase will have to be decided soon given the impending Tax reform law.




WEEK 11-12 (May 22-JUNE 4, 2017) WHAT A WEEK!

I arrived May 23 from Washington DC, the long trip its toll and developed asthma despite the good
compliance from sheer exhaustion. This exactly was the day of the attack in Marawi City by ISIS
local affiliates Maute and allied Abu Sayyaf, the next day martial law was declared by PRRD in
Mindanao from Moscow…. May 25 ( Thu) invited key PCCP staff Joan and Andee to visit me @
home while recuperating to get updates and kwento.

cyy house visit

May 27, started receiving texts from Leni and Dra Hannah Manua from Marawi City. Sent an email
to executive board members re plans to course assistance to Northern Mindanao chapter
headed by Dr. Peter Ivan Gamolo. We recommended the release of an initial 50,000 from the President’s Contingency Fund and asked Dr. Peter to use the start-up 50,000 allotted to the Chapter to help in relief ops and to course donations through Iligan-based Board member Eileen Aniceto and to closely coordinate with the Iligan medical society and PCP liaison Dra Timonera and Dra Hannah from Marawi, as of this writing the funds are enroute. We also asked PCCP members to help out too and some
members pledged generously .


Sometime during this same fast-breaking week, we were asked to give our opinion as PCCP on
the increase in excise taxes on biofuels, thanks Dr. Venjo Tanchuco for putting this stand very
quickly, we have sent this to the Senate thru the office of Senator Sonny Angara. My quick
two cents is while this is our health stand, we also would like to voice or concerns on the
potential rise in consumer products which may hurt the poor and vulnerable sectors.
What a difference a week makes! Marawi and then the Resorts World Manila attack. it’s as if
I’ve returned to a different country after almost a month travel… God help us and pray for our




WEEK 9-10 ( May 9-21, 2017)

May 9 was the special meeting called for the training institutions with Dr. Jubert Benedicto (condolences for your loss) and Dr. Greg Ocampo, Accreditation board chair Dr. Gina De Los Reyes, Gwen Dy-Agra, our IT point person, GSK atbp), I wanted to join in but the wifi was terribly bad in Alaska on the ship.

May 22 - 5

May 22 - 6

May 13 was the last session for Clinical Nutrition Summit (L.A.M.O.N. Lung) where most of the PCCP leaderships participated (board members, councils and chapters). I delivered my virtual welcome address as I was still in family vacation at that time.IMG_3696[1]

Fast forward to May 20, had a very productive meeting with the APSR troika at the sidelights of ATS. The meeting happened 9:30 AM (no mean feat since I crisscrosses the Pacific Ocean flying in Thursday morning 18th from Canada and leaving morning of 19th for Washington DC (I actually stayed in Arlington, Virginia and took the metro to the meetings). The APSR meeting showed how highly regarded PCCP is in the region, they expressed interest in the webinar project among others. May 22 - 1

May 21 (Sunday) was a very busy day, Dr. Roa called for a special meeting on the UNION regional meeting of IUATLD ( western pacific) @1 pm over lunch with regional president Dr. Ral Antic (former president of Australian thoracic society), Dr. Jeps Wi ( over-all co-chair) Dr. Jopie Ramos ( CHEST Philippine Delegation president). It was a healthy free flowing brainstorming of ideas making the 2019 truly an exciting meeting in Manila, we will share the highlights in the next blog/update.May 22 - 2

At 3pm, we had the meeting with ERS and the MOA signing with the ERS President Guy Joos, President Elect Mina Gaga, Sec. Gen. Carlos Robalo, Executive Director Werner Bill and my friend Betty Sax (a Filipina), the ever efficient head of the ERS executive office in Lausanne, Switzerland, My PowerPoint ( thanks Vince and Joan) was well-applauded at the end and ahem they were quite impressed, however only 21% of enbloc PCCP ERS members have joined the assemblies of ERS so we will email blast the 200+ members who have joined.

I also want to share the glowing reviews we had, the ERS president said that the ERS speakers gave a report of how great their experience was @ the PCCP convention (even the unforgettable karaoke) and their admiration for how well-organized the meeting was done. This was similar to Dr Ral Antic sharing of how the 2010 APSR Congress Manila meeting became a model for future meetings, maybe it’s time to seriously bid for 2020? APSR Congress???

May 22 - 3

May 22 - 4




WEEK 7-8 (APRIL 24- May 7,2017)

CYY Painting












For the next 2 weeks, I will be on official leave (a much deserved one) from work and practice, it also gives me some breathing room (pardon the pun) as the adrenaline of the first 50 days wanes (reality hit me when after a grueling day of meetings In April, my lungs finally gave in to my asthma) Above is the artwork for the next 2 weeks. Highlights of the week was the second the LAMON LUNG Clinical Nutrition Summit with Abbott and PCCP fellows, fellows-in-training, some non- PCCP practitioners, the largest and last one will be held in the same venue Manila Pen on May 13, 2017 ,1 PM, PCCP members are encouraged to participate. Below are highlights, I could not be there in person because of medical reasons but I taped a speech for the occasion.  

week 7 - photo 32nd LAMON Lung


The third PCCP board meeting was held last May 2, 2017 @ the Café Naya, The Palace Pool Club in BGC, it was a 2-in-1 event with the Appreciation Dinner for the 2017 36th Annual Convention and 4th ASEAN Sleep Congress  OrgCom headed by Drs. Malbar Ferrer and Gina De Los Reyes, and endorsement to the next OrgCom headed by Dr. Ivan Villespin. Coincidentally there was a launch of the Emperador brand within viewing sight of the dinner venue. The  large presence of our pharma sponsors and PCCP orgcom members was truly heartening to see and we hope they continue to be with us next year.


Events to look forward to next weeks: May 9, 2017 (during PCP convention) meeting with training institutions 3 PM SMX,  May 13 LAMON Lung 3 (with Abbott) …PCCP is in good hands while I go on a cruise with my family.  Enjoy the week! Major decisions need to be mulled over by the board affecting membership and procurement.


pccp collage 3




WEEK 6: Artwork for April (April 19, Wednesday)

blog 6

Meeting with UniLab on PCCP app atbp. PCCP members present included Gwen Agra who helped make this meeting possible (Generating Efficient ways to Enrich Knowledge) GEEK camp to be sponsored by UAP a day before the July 1 strategic planning review of PCCP. Topics for the camp include:

  1. Essential apps for Microblogging: utilizing social media — Twitter, FB, IG
  2. Social media in medicine
  3. Twitter in conferences
  4. Efficient lit search
  5. Creating infographics
  6. Ethics in social media

UPCOMING EVENTS:  Meeting with training institutions and chapter heads during PCP convention (probably  on the 9th)  May 7-10, GEEK camp/back-to-back strategic plan (June 30/July 1)

Below: participants of the meeting include the following: Paolo Ajero, Jen Dela Paz, Alvin Esguerra, Nini, Gwen, Rudy

blog 6 2

Week 5: PCCP diary (April 10-16, 2017)

It’s Holy Week but it didn’t stop us from pursuing PCCP activities at least until Holy Tuesday (which was a dayful of PCCP related activities too)

APRIL 11 (Tuesday)  8 AM

Heavy day for meetings, started with the breakfast meeting with GSK team headed by Karol P. Zepeda with Melvin Pasay, on the PCCP side, the team was headed by PCCP President Charles Yu, Greg Ocampo and Jubert Benedicto and PCCP –hih tech IT Projects Gwen Agra. Meeting went well, agreements including moving a MOA forward for a non-exclusive preferred partner arrangement for the inter-hospital PCCP conferences, a meeting with PCCP training hospitals as well as possibly Chapter presidents on future partnerships directed at pulmo specialist centered aps/ IT stuff  (like for GOLD etc) and lay materials. Some discussions were also raised on the possibility of providing CPEs through webinar based conferences through PCCP, councils or chapters.

Week five 1

Annabel’s Restaurant Breakfast Meeting with GSK re Inter-Hospital Conferences webinar project atbp (Greg, Gwen, Jubert, Melvin, me, Joan, Karol, Jen, Janice and Edwin)


Gwen  Agra(who also is with the Specialty Board but accepted the challenge of helping us) also showed me some exciting plans (GEEK Camp, GEEK standing for Generating Efficient ways to Enrich Knowledge) including essential aps, twitter in medicine, ethics others. Its so nice to see some of our PCCP shining stars volunteering their time for us (Andre Masanga, already another busy pulmonologist aside from assuming the presidency of the PCCP Southern Luzon Chapter, did not turn down the offer to be PCCP News Editor in chief). BTW Andre, nice touch on the national anthem (hahaha).


Dinner Meeting ( 6:30 PM)  ZENSHO Japanese Restaurant

Chaired the initial meeting of the new PCCP Specialty board and also represented VP Leni Fernandez, who was attending her daughter’s graduation.

Thank you Beni Galvez  (see below being inducted), for making it easier by nominating Jude Guiang as new Chair  and Shirley as secretary. Note because of the Japanese set-up it was hard to stand-up, so the oath-taking was creatively done. I gave some initial (radical thoughts?) on how to bring back the associate/affiliate members (esp those who have been in practice for 10 years or more and are PCP passers already  to entice them to take the exams through online reviews, local CPGs atbp). Specialty board members seem to be receptive but are mulling proposing a 2 year period to implement this. This carries more importance and urgency because in many of our chapters, they play active roles in the chapters activities, we don’t want to follow the path of our mother society which may drop from their roles thousands of names (which I personally am unhappy with if they ask my advice anyway). As I have always said, it is much better that they be within our ambit or umbrella where we can continually apply CPDs and updates. More to come on this hopefully once I can convince the Board on the proposed program.

Dr. Beni Galvez's induction as new member of the PCCP Specialty Board.


I’m happy to note that my email/letter to past Presidents have given initial positive feedback, some thanked us for coming up with the project (the PCCP Memories project which envisions a display of memorabilia). Some past presidents have now started reminiscing and asking for stuff from Joan, looking for faded photos or old newsletters (that’s why we need to make PCCP News current and maybe even this blog archived). In some cases we have had to do some validation and research to give the details, I am personally excited to see this project come to fruition. Let me leave you with an imagery inspired by an idea of a past president who wanted her legacy as president to be akin to building a house and setting up its foundation. (I saw this as a native desk lamp so maybe we can design her highlights and memorable events through photos and stuff and use this simple hut to  represent her term (let a thousand ideas bloom!)  HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!

memorabilia sample

Week 4: PCCP diary


April 6:

Meeting with Accreditation Committee and election of Chair and Secretary at the Man Ho Restaurant at Marriott Hotel ( Dr. Aranas wanted to go home direct from the meeting after flying in so we agreed to hold the meeting near the airport). We met with the members of new Accreditation Board and inducted Dr. John Clifford Aranas as one of the new members of the board. I gave a brief overview of the inaugural address and some personal thoughts and suggestions on where we PCCP should go, shared the PCP response with regards to my letter re assistance on IT and using online resources to make the accreditation process more efficient and user-friendly. Dra. Gina de los Reyes was elected as Chair with past PCCP President Dr. Maemae Campomanes as Secretary. The board will take on the challenge in developing a self-assessment questionnaire for training institutions and a better designed review process to make the work of the board easier.


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April 7, 2017 8:00-11:00 AM (PCCP Office, Malakas St QC)

PCCP Executive Board meeting (PCCP Office, Malakas St, QC). Had q3 hour long PCCP Executive board meeting , we gave a few minutes to Dr. Camilo Roa, President of the successfully bidded upcoming Union Meeting for Asia-Pacific in April, 2019 in PICC Manila, jointly to be hosted by PTSI, PCCP, ACCP, PhilCAT, PSMID and PPS and DOH. The Board has decided not to have a mid-year convention in 2019 in lieu of the Union Meeting. I presented the 9 point Presidents concerns , (including the PCCP Memories project, involving photos and memorabilia of past Presidents, PCCP Hi-tech IT project, update on letter to PCP for assistance in RFID, computerization among others and the favorable response they gave).

There was an animated discussion on the various activities of the College. To end on a lighter note, on the recommendation of Eileen Aniceto who was assigned to develop a wellness program for PCCP members especially the board members that even the PCCP President can do, one of the first steps is to replace the junk food (chips, etc) we use during our meetings and a healthier fare is being developed. We approved a new outreach program with a parish NGO in Novaliches. The feedback for the annual convention was discussed as well as the finances. We congratulated Dr. Malbar Ferrer and his team for the successful conduct of the PCCP-Asia Pacific Sleep Conference . Attendance was below expectations and income was lower but the objectives of hosting were met. Dr. Ivan Villespin also presented the intial plans for the next convention.


Meeting with PCCP Southern Luzon Chapter (7 PM Seda Hotel, Nuvali, Laguna)

We requested if we could have a few minutes to talk to the PCCP Southern Luzon Chapter after the Novartis COPD Workshop conducted by VP Leni Fernandez and COPD Council Chair Tim Trinidad. We inducted the new members of the Chapter, gave a brief overview of the PCCP National Plans for this year including a review of the strat plan, and programs to improve IT, the website, webinar, relaunch of the Stop Smoking clinics in partnership with DOH and LCP. We congratulated the past and current leadership and members of the orgcom and chapter for a successful mid-year convention in Legaspi (Bicol). We appealed for closer collaboration between chapter members and central PCCP and to contribute their ideas for the improvement of the college so we can feel closer to each other. The Chapter promised to turn over much needed funds from the share of the proceeds of the PCCP Mid-year convention. Also we encouraged that the Chapter be strengthened through its power to give CPDs, validating speakers for endorsement to the Councils for pool of experts, development of educational materials for lay-persons, patients, GPS and fellow pulmos in partnership with industry


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Next week (yes even Holy week, April 11 Holy Tuesday will be a particularly busy day, breakfast meeting with GSK and some members of the board and IT point persons re webinar, have PCHRD Board presentation , will swing by PCCP office and the evening will end with the PCCP Specialty board meeting. May 2, is the scheduled next board meeting and Segway to Annual convention appreciation dinner and possible meeting with Pharma.


Week 3: PCCP diary


Here’s some photos from World TB Day


Started with an e-mail to PCCP Board members regarding some short-term projects including writing and asking PCCP Past presidents to contribute memorabilia and photos of their terms for a de-facto mini-museum and refurbished PCCP Past Presidents gallery at the second floor. Also shared with the board plans for further PCCP modernization and innovation to improve running its operations, improving membership activities and communications.

Draft letters being prepared Exchanged texts with Dr. Roa re APDC regional conference in April, 2019 and our role in the collaboration. Possible non-holding of PCCP midyear that year was raised.

Also convinced some PCCP members to form PCCP Techie group with Board member Jubert Benedicto as liaison and Gwen Agra as de-facto head,and started initial steps in reviving the PCCP Writers Club. Affirmed appearance in ERS-PCCP MOA signing in Washington DC and APSR-related meetings. Had whole day canvassing of best cost-beneficial option for the trip.

March 28,2017
Received the initial responses which I interpret as positive on the letter I sent to the PCP president requesting assistance in the area of IT nd modernization. (see annex)

March 29, 2017

Went to PCCP Office early afternoon, held informal conference with Joan and Andie while signing documents and checks. Conferred on suggested reformatting of the Board Meetings (to include a Presidents Concerns, time-bound agenda , decision/information) hopefully Board Meetings end in 1.5 hours.

May 30, 2017
We scheduled the Accreditation board meeting next week as well as Exe Com next Saturday.

April 1, 2017

Spoke at the PCCP-Abbott LAMON-LUNG, SUMMIT2
LAMON stands for Learning Appropriate Management Nutrition, we have done several sessions including training of PCCP FITs last year. Kudos to the Organizers led by Summit Chair Dr. Albert Albay and speakers including over very own Board member Jubert Benedicto , Gwen Agra, Jess Inciong, Marianna Sioson among others. PCCP and Abbott agreed to do a next session.




Week 2: PCCP diary


week 2


March 20 (Monday) sent an e-mail to Member of the execom regarding updates on the regional (Asian) Union Meeting (TB) bid happening this week in Tokyo


In a series of text exchanges with Dr. Milo Roa, here are some updates:

(1) The date of the Regional Union meeting is April, 2019 (at the moment there is no other bidder)
(2) which means we will have a separate annual convention (since we are bound by our constitution) in March, 2019
(3) ACCP, Philippine Chapter has agreed to forego their annual Meeting and become the major sponsor of the Event (meaning the main funding source),
(4) I said PCCP is willing to be a major co-sponsor/partner, Dr . Roa said, each org maybe asked to shell out xxx K
(5) we have to decide about the midyear convention that year (although we can still push through)


March 22 (Wednesday) attended the PMA-Unilab event: Night of Leaders, where the DOH Secretary of Health was the keynote speaker, I signed as PCCP President the commitment wall that contained over 30 specialty society components of PMA seeking partnerships across health sectors including nursing, pharmacy and dentistry. Also received a copy of the powerpoint of the DOH plans for sharing with the board.


March 24 ( (March 24) 3PM WORLD TB DAY@ PTSI COMPOUND, will lead PCCP delegation and actively participate in the program with the theme: “Sama-samang tuldukan ang TB!”


UPCOMING EVENT: Lamon Lung Summit (Manila Pen) April 1, luncheon-workshop sponsored by Abbott, PCCP has been a traditional partner in this event, Manila Pen Hotel, Makati 12:00


Alert: Thanksgiving post-convention party /mtg with Pharma to be scheduled soon





Week 1: PCCP diary

 Dr. Charles Yu's Inaugural Speech


Sent my inaugural address to PCCP it was posted on March 13,2017 title: Where are we now: Personal thoughts M3….. sent a flurry of texts to JoAnn and the secretariat requesting for soft copies of the governance manual and constitution ,started assigning stuff for the board members. Sprucing up PCCP office was assigned to myself. Malbar for the PCCP presidents gallery and Aileen and Aimee for the interiors. I volunteer for the Presidents Office where I’ll put a personal touch I already made a Painting for the office n will continue place a Chinese divider .maybe a carpet or hanging rug… Lenny reminded me there’s a traditional rest period of 3-4 days, anyway secretariat agreed I could visit on Friday to seethe office and perhaps talk to them….Main event for the week is the signing of a petition to President DU30 for the anti-smoking E.O.for the banning of smoking indoors and in public places. Finally I went to the PCCP office to spruce up the PCCP presidents office first used by Dr. Jeps Wi in 2001! Had initial talks with the staff and shared some ideas. photos uploaded on my FB. Hope we can upload the anti-smoking petition once it’s signed by all parties . Next week’s highlights include the World TB day commemoration at QI on Friday 4 PM with the theme ” Sama-sama sugpuin ang TB”


IMG_8373 IMG_8378

Talked to Dr Jessie Orcasitas PCCP president region 11 southern mindanao chapter president to encourage and explore the first ever Mindanao pulmo training progrAm probably in SPMC government based hospital in the sidelines of a Newton Fund project U.K. Piñas TB FIT, next day ( today)had a talk with Prakash Mansukhani to ask about CHIME and to explore an alternative health wellness program that can be used by PCCPmembers either for real or virtually, he said there were 12.modules for these n similar relaxation t chi question. Also bought some stuff mostly weaved indigenous tribe materials to spruce up PCCP presidents office.Had initial talks with the PCCP staff and promised to continue the dialogue in the. O I guess weeks.

2018 New Diplomates with the PCCP Specialty Board

2018 Diplomates of the PCCP

2018 New Diplomates with the PCCP Specialty Board

The following Associate Members have successfully completed the written and oral parts of the examination for Diplomate of the Philippine College of Chest Physicians (PCCP) conducted by the PCCP Specialty Board on January 21 and February 4, 2018:


As such, they will be conferred the title of “Diplomate” of the College (certifying specialty in the field of pulmonary medicine) in the induction ceremony to be held during our 37th Annual Chest Convention on March 11, 2018 at the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, Mandaluyong City.


PCCP Annual Christmas Party

Dr. Charles Yu’s Yuletide Message

PCCP President’s Yuletide Message

College Award

Call for Nominees: 2017 College Awards

This is to officially announce the call for nominees for the various awards of the College traditionally given during the Annual Chest Convention in March 2018. These awards are as follows:

1. Most Outstanding Fellow
2. Distinguished Public Servant
3. Distinguished Academician
4. Distinguished Researcher

The Committee is accepting one or more nominees for each award category from a PCCP member of good standing, training institutions, councils and chapters. All nominations are submitted with a letter stating why the candidate is being nominated and may, if desired, include comments on the nominee’s outstanding or exemplary accomplishments.

Deadline for submission of all requirements is on January 19, 2018 (Friday).

For more information, please email